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I was worshiping with my family, up-stairs with scarfs and feather-boas.

I had a red and white one (purity and the blood of Jesus); my brother had a pink one which meant healing (it was a feather boa); my mum had a stripey one, red and white (the stripes of Jesus); and my dad, had a crown, as meaning KING and PRINCE, and also he is the king of the family and the prince of the Lord.

We had music playing.  It was O Taste and See.

First we danced in my room and when we went out into the play-room my brother M was waving the (healing) scarf around the room and wiping it all over us. At the time I had a bit of a cold, but when M waved the scarf on me my cold left!!


… and with His stripes we are healed …

(Isaiah 53:5)

Monday 4th July 2011

Following the path!!

On Sunday we where worshipping the Lord (at the front), when my mum saw her friend (J). We went over to her and started praying. (It was very powerful)!

When the worshipping  stopped we went to the side of room. Another one of my mum’s friend came with us. She got touched by God so much that my mum and a few others had to get her up and out of the room, I stayed there with J. While I was there I started running my fingers along the inside of her (J’s) arm, (while the service was on).

After the service J came over to me and she said to me that while the service was on and while I was tickling her arm I was following the path of the pain that she had (I did not know this at the time) and that while I was doing that the pain had left. 

She also said that someone else had prayed for her and the pain in her heart had left.


 J had been in hospital the week before with the pain in her heart and arm and now all of it is gone.

Sunday 5th June 2011

God gives gifts to little children too!!

One day I was sitting on the couch when I saw some clouds around the house.

I was amazed and told mum. I explained what they where about: they were red inside and blue around the out side. The red was the fire of the holy-spirit, the blue is calmness, and we were going to walk, and every-where we walked we would spread health.

She was astonished!

A few days later I saw them again on mum and around my bedroom, while I was in my bed and I told mum that it was going to happen!


Good is good to kids legs as well!!

This week my thighs, feet and legs have been hurting a lot. It has been so painful that, at one stage I had to hop around everywhere!

Yesterday I had sport and I didn’t want to miss that! So the night before sport I talked to dad because he was the one I was doing it for. And he said that I do what I could and if it started to hurt I sit out. I tried not to think about what it would be like to sit out.

At work yesterday dad was praying for my legs. He thought of me at 11.15 and I had sport at 11.35.

At the end of sport I was amazed that my legs did not hurt and when I came home that day dad said that he had been praying for me.

Then today my thighs and my feet were hurting at school. I was praying at school and my thighs stopped hurting.

Ever since I have had no pain in my thighs.


God keeps His promises

Find out in this story about our FANTASTIC God.

Six months before this story, God told me that I will never ever be sick (vomit) AGAIN.

Well it was my mum’s birthday. She was turning 40. We decided to go to a restaurant. On the way (in the car) I felt sick but did not vomit.

When we got there I still felt sick but I still did not vomit.

At the restaurant I did not want any food so I tried to read a book of Magic Ballerina, but that did not work. I sat on the couches there and mum prayed for me. Dad took me outside to get some fresh air. Then we went back home and it was the worst of all. I rushed to my room.

I lay down and prayed and the pain stopped. I told Dad.


Dear friend, I know that your spiritual life is going well. I pray that you also may enjoy good health. And I pray that everything else may go well with you. (3 John 2).

Luckily I know Jesus! Luckily I know God!


Note: Before this story I had been sick with a vomiting bug many times over 2009 and 2010. One time I vomited for 10 days. The last time I had a vomiting bug for three days. This was last year. At that time God promised me that I would never be sick again … He kept His promise!!!

Little children have BIG things that happen by God as well, but God is good to little children too!!

Little children have BIG things that happen by God as well, but God is good to little children too!!

This was a few weeks ago at the beach again and I was walking on the rocks happily. Then I let out a scream. I had been bitten by a Jumping Jack ant. I fell down screaming. Mum took me down to the ocean [but she didn’t know that I had been praying]. Then I said the pain had stopped and I told her that I had been praying. She said that it was amazing. But mum still insisted I put my feet in the water so that it would cool off. Mum took me back to the apartment and we got some ice on it. Then mum read to me Tumtum and Nutmeg number 1 [that she had bought at a book store and had thought I would like reading]. That afternoon I went for a BIG walk pain free!!!!!!!!!!!!



Post script: Did you know Jumping Jack ants are very poisonous the pain levels from a bite can kill a baby? And a neighbour said that she had been bitten and she said that if a child got bitten they would have to be hospitalised there was so much pain. When she got bitten it was so bad that she could not walk for 3 days.