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Following the path!!

On Sunday we where worshipping the Lord (at the front), when my mum saw her friend (J). We went over to her and started praying. (It was very powerful)!

When the worshipping  stopped we went to the side of room. Another one of my mum’s friend came with us. She got touched by God so much that my mum and a few others had to get her up and out of the room, I stayed there with J. While I was there I started running my fingers along the inside of her (J’s) arm, (while the service was on).

After the service J came over to me and she said to me that while the service was on and while I was tickling her arm I was following the path of the pain that she had (I did not know this at the time) and that while I was doing that the pain had left. 

She also said that someone else had prayed for her and the pain in her heart had left.


 J had been in hospital the week before with the pain in her heart and arm and now all of it is gone.

Sunday 5th June 2011

Comments on: "Following the path!!" (2)

  1. Wow what a great story thank you for sharing this! You are amazing and will bring blessings to many! 🙂

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