stories of a good God – by kids, for kids …


I was coming downstairs in my socks and I accidentally slipped! I was face first shooting down the stairs at a tremendous speed. :-(!

Suddenly I thought of gripping onto one of the stair rails and with all my might I held on. But my weight pulled it off. I was half way down the stairs but I felt something catch me…


I slowed down and managed to make it down feet first, I landed on my feet, and I sighed out a relief “phew, that was close” I said under my breath.

The stair rail needed to be fixed but I didn’t need to be fixed! 🙂

God Is Good For Kids!! 🙂

Comments on: "AN ANGEL EMERGENCY" (2)

  1. Thank you for posting this! It is very encouraging. My children and I were just learning about the ministry of angels and their part in our lives. It seems every time we turn around something new is being said…I think God is telling us something 🙂


    • Hi Jessie.
      It’s great that your children are learning about the ministry of angels. 🙂
      I hope you enjoy the rest of the stories.
      From God is Good for Kids

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