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I was about 3 years old and I was scared when it was dark because I was afraid that there were wolves in our hallway. 😦


Mum and dad kept telling me there was nothing to be afraid of but I didn’t listen to them.

One night God showed me a dream of Little Red Riding Hood, but there were no huntsmen, it was Jesus instead!

He killed the wolf and threw him down deep dark well!

From then on I have not been afraid of wolves trying to eat me in the dark. 🙂



I was coming downstairs in my socks and I accidentally slipped! I was face first shooting down the stairs at a tremendous speed. :-(!

Suddenly I thought of gripping onto one of the stair rails and with all my might I held on. But my weight pulled it off. I was half way down the stairs but I felt something catch me…


I slowed down and managed to make it down feet first, I landed on my feet, and I sighed out a relief “phew, that was close” I said under my breath.

The stair rail needed to be fixed but I didn’t need to be fixed! 🙂

God Is Good For Kids!! 🙂

Finding the heart of God…God is good to kids too!

About 8 months ago, my mum bought me a pink heart with a white butterfly from Swarovski. We bought it to represent God’s loving heart and the butterfly, meant freedom. I wore it about 4 times before I lost it! I looked everywhere around my room where I thought it might be and in the unusual places, and even in the box that it came in.

But we could not find it anywhere!

We were walking around Southland and I just remembered that we needed to buy a new heart for me. I thought about it and mum thought that we should have another look around my room before we bought a new one. After we got home I looked everywhere where it could have been. I told my mum that I could not find it anywhere. She had a look in places that I didn’t think of in the first place. And then we looked in the box, and guess what it was perfectly placed in the box.

We thanked God and that is what I’m thinking write now!


And guess what about two weeks ago I was wearing it and I noticed that there was a finger print mark grazed in the back of it, I thought that it was the finger print of the angel that put it back correctly placed in the box.

What a big thing to happen to a young child!

Finding the lost plate … Thursday 22/09/11

I got a plate in early August for my mouth. I thought that it would be fun to have one… but it wasn’t!  I found out that it hurt for three days and then it got really annoying to have in, because you had to take it in and out all the time, when I ate.  I’ve got used to it now though.

A few weeks later, I came home from swimming after school and found that I could not find my plate. 😦

I thought I had taken it out for swimming but I did not know for not know for sure …   I told mum and dad that I had lost it and that I did not know where it was.  We looked in all sorts of places, the bench, the table, my room, the music room, we even scanned the floors and behind the pillows on the couches, in my plate box and we even looked in my mum’s office, but there was no sign of it.

When we could not find it, we thought that we should try my school, because I thought that I may have taken it out at play time and dropped it.

At dinner time, my mum taught me that I had a responsibility to take care of my plate and that it was a good lesson for me and that in the future I needed to be more careful because it was really expensive to replace and I would have to use up nearly a year’s pocket money to pay for a replacement it, if I was to pay for it.

So I’ve been taught a good lesson!

After dinner dad went out to find the plate in the school ground. I didn’t go because it was too late and dark. So dad went out to my school with our (the family’s) torch.

After dinner I was impatient to see if dad had found the plate… but he hadn’t found it.

We had prayed all the time and hoped we would find it.  We prayed that God would do what He did for my Kitty Kat in my Kitty Kat Story

So, I was to go to the orthodontist the next day and I was very nervous.

The next day I went to school (as usual) and looked for my plate where I ate my lunch and snack… but it wasn’t there. It was class time and I got to go and look for my plate out side but it still was not there!

After school my mum picked me up. I was very nervous and didn’t want to go but mum had a surprise for me… and guess what it was… MY PLATE! What a surprise for me.

I was so relieved that I couldn’t wait to tell every-one what had happened and most kids were amazed and so was I!


See my mum’s blog for how God returned the plate … God is Good!

God finds things for little children too!

I was 3 when God helped me find a toy that I loved SO much!

4 years ago I had 2 FAVOURITE toys their names were Puppy and Cat.

One night I could not find Cat. Mum and I looked every-where under the bed, in the wardrobe and in my doona but we still could not find Cat. We prayed that I would find Cat very soon. Dad was down-stairs when he got a picture in his mind of Cat upstairs. I think cat was next to our spare bed. He went and looked upstairs and found cat, just like the picture he had seen in his mind. He came down and can you believe what he had in his hands? CAT!!! I WAS ASTONISHED!!!!!


I have lost my Puppy and Cat many times and many time have found them. Once I lost them on the beach. I also lost them at my old kinder and at someone’s house and many other places, but I always I found them (of course).

God cares about our toys A LOT!!