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Finding the heart of God…God is good to kids too!

About 8 months ago, my mum bought me a pink heart with a white butterfly from Swarovski. We bought it to represent God’s loving heart and the butterfly, meant freedom. I wore it about 4 times before I lost it! I looked everywhere around my room where I thought it might be and in the unusual places, and even in the box that it came in.

But we could not find it anywhere!

We were walking around Southland and I just remembered that we needed to buy a new heart for me. I thought about it and mum thought that we should have another look around my room before we bought a new one. After we got home I looked everywhere where it could have been. I told my mum that I could not find it anywhere. She had a look in places that I didn’t think of in the first place. And then we looked in the box, and guess what it was perfectly placed in the box.

We thanked God and that is what I’m thinking write now!


And guess what about two weeks ago I was wearing it and I noticed that there was a finger print mark grazed in the back of it, I thought that it was the finger print of the angel that put it back correctly placed in the box.

What a big thing to happen to a young child!