stories of a good God – by kids, for kids …

Little children have BIG things that happen by God as well, but God is good to little children too!!

This was a few weeks ago at the beach again and I was walking on the rocks happily. Then I let out a scream. I had been bitten by a Jumping Jack ant. I fell down screaming. Mum took me down to the ocean [but she didn’t know that I had been praying]. Then I said the pain had stopped and I told her that I had been praying. She said that it was amazing. But mum still insisted I put my feet in the water so that it would cool off. Mum took me back to the apartment and we got some ice on it. Then mum read to me Tumtum and Nutmeg number 1 [that she had bought at a book store and had thought I would like reading]. That afternoon I went for a BIG walk pain free!!!!!!!!!!!!



Post script: Did you know Jumping Jack ants are very poisonous the pain levels from a bite can kill a baby? And a neighbour said that she had been bitten and she said that if a child got bitten they would have to be hospitalised there was so much pain. When she got bitten it was so bad that she could not walk for 3 days.

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