stories of a good God – by kids, for kids …

This week my thighs, feet and legs have been hurting a lot. It has been so painful that, at one stage I had to hop around everywhere!

Yesterday I had sport and I didn’t want to miss that! So the night before sport I talked to dad because he was the one I was doing it for. And he said that I do what I could and if it started to hurt I sit out. I tried not to think about what it would be like to sit out.

At work yesterday dad was praying for my legs. He thought of me at 11.15 and I had sport at 11.35.

At the end of sport I was amazed that my legs did not hurt and when I came home that day dad said that he had been praying for me.

Then today my thighs and my feet were hurting at school. I was praying at school and my thighs stopped hurting.

Ever since I have had no pain in my thighs.


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