stories of a good God – by kids, for kids …

I was 3 when God helped me find a toy that I loved SO much!

4 years ago I had 2 FAVOURITE toys their names were Puppy and Cat.

One night I could not find Cat. Mum and I looked every-where under the bed, in the wardrobe and in my doona but we still could not find Cat. We prayed that I would find Cat very soon. Dad was down-stairs when he got a picture in his mind of Cat upstairs. I think cat was next to our spare bed. He went and looked upstairs and found cat, just like the picture he had seen in his mind. He came down and can you believe what he had in his hands? CAT!!! I WAS ASTONISHED!!!!!


I have lost my Puppy and Cat many times and many time have found them. Once I lost them on the beach. I also lost them at my old kinder and at someone’s house and many other places, but I always I found them (of course).

God cares about our toys A LOT!!

Find out in this story about our FANTASTIC God.

Six months before this story, God told me that I will never ever be sick (vomit) AGAIN.

Well it was my mum’s birthday. She was turning 40. We decided to go to a restaurant. On the way (in the car) I felt sick but did not vomit.

When we got there I still felt sick but I still did not vomit.

At the restaurant I did not want any food so I tried to read a book of Magic Ballerina, but that did not work. I sat on the couches there and mum prayed for me. Dad took me outside to get some fresh air. Then we went back home and it was the worst of all. I rushed to my room.

I lay down and prayed and the pain stopped. I told Dad.


Dear friend, I know that your spiritual life is going well. I pray that you also may enjoy good health. And I pray that everything else may go well with you. (3 John 2).

Luckily I know Jesus! Luckily I know God!


Note: Before this story I had been sick with a vomiting bug many times over 2009 and 2010. One time I vomited for 10 days. The last time I had a vomiting bug for three days. This was last year. At that time God promised me that I would never be sick again … He kept His promise!!!

Little children have BIG things that happen by God as well, but God is good to little children too!!

This was a few weeks ago at the beach again and I was walking on the rocks happily. Then I let out a scream. I had been bitten by a Jumping Jack ant. I fell down screaming. Mum took me down to the ocean [but she didn’t know that I had been praying]. Then I said the pain had stopped and I told her that I had been praying. She said that it was amazing. But mum still insisted I put my feet in the water so that it would cool off. Mum took me back to the apartment and we got some ice on it. Then mum read to me Tumtum and Nutmeg number 1 [that she had bought at a book store and had thought I would like reading]. That afternoon I went for a BIG walk pain free!!!!!!!!!!!!



Post script: Did you know Jumping Jack ants are very poisonous the pain levels from a bite can kill a baby? And a neighbour said that she had been bitten and she said that if a child got bitten they would have to be hospitalised there was so much pain. When she got bitten it was so bad that she could not walk for 3 days.

I was 4 when this happened and it starts at church. Mum was doing the tithe . Then she held up a $100 note.  Mum said “who wants this $100 note?  People put up their hand.  Mum said “I will give it to whoever asks for it and comes to take it.”  No-one came forward, no-one moved.  She said “who wants this I really will give it to who ever asks.”  No-one moved or asked, but me.  I walked towards her in front of everyone and said,” I will, I’ll have it” and I put my hand up for it. So mum gave me the $100 note.

I put more than $10 to God, put about $60 to the bank and put $30 to spend.

It took me long time to find the right thing, but I found it eventually, it was a cat I named Kitty-Kat. I took it home and put it on my bed.

2 years later we went to the beach for a holiday. I took Kitty-Kat with me. When we left I did not know that I had left Kitty-Kat behind. When I got home and unpacked I found Kitty-Kat was not there. We asked where we stayed but they said they hadn’t seen it anywhere! I prayed and prayed even before school I prayed. One day we got a phone call. They said they had found Kitty-Kat in all of the sheets and pillows after they had all been washed. I said thankyou to God!! They said that I could have it when I went back to the place or in the post. I said that I wanted it in the post.

God cares about our lovable toys as well!


Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me. Don’t keep them away. The kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them.” (Matthew 19:14)

My name is R and I am a 7 years old.

I love God and these are some of his AMAZING things He has done for me. Maybe He could do them for you too!

If you want to hear more about God go to GOD IS GOOD or read this. You will find lots of miracles here or there.

Either way …

God is good for kids too!