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Prophetic words and pictures

I was worshiping with my mum and a friend we were talking to God about what He wanted to tell us…

I got a picture for my friend, it was a purple dress with gold trimming and a bow in the middle of the neck line, and it had gold satin shoes and a diamond tiara.

She got a picture for me as well, it was gold pots overflowing with gold.

We also got pictures for ourselves.

I got a purple cape (we also have a magicians cape that is purple) which means Royalty.

Then I got two pictures, one, an outside of a purple box and the inside of a purple box, which has a diamond inside.

The funny thing is, the week before, I was given a crystal in the shape of a big diamond as a gift … I had completely forgotten about this.

In my time with Him God reminded me that I had a heart like a diamond … and when I drew the picture, my mum reminded me of the gift of the diamond … a picture of how he saw my heart …